Monday, 20 February 2017

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Gold demand is going to be the government and the strict. April will be expensive to buy jewelry. Finance Bill after the government instead of Rs 2 lakh and Rs 5 lakh on purchase of jewelery will charge TCS. Meanwhile, gold and silver declined. In the domestic market, gold and silver by Rs 100 to Rs 200 are broken. The slowdown in the global market has had on domestic prices. 0.5 per cent on MCX gold is trading at Rs 29 230 with. Silver fell 0.5 per cent is trading at Rs 42 675.

Meanwhile, the fall in natural gas has went up. MCX Natural gas price has come down to 3 per cent. Natural gas is trading around Rs 185. But oil remains strong. OPEC cut production because of the crude found support at the upper level of the estimated production in the US increased pressure from being started. MCX crude oil is trading at Rs 3625 jumped 0.5 percent.

Copper on the London Metal Exchange was a shortage of supply and the impact on the domestic market is also visible. MCX Copper rose 0.5 per cent to trade at Rs 402.5, while aluminum is 0.2 per cent went to. Lead with 0.3 per cent is trading at Rs 151.6. Although nickel and zinc is looking weak. Nickel fell to 0.15 per cent is trading at Rs 738.5. Zinc 0.3 per cent is trading at Rs 187.5 with osteoporosis.

Arrival of new crop estimates next month and its price mustard pressure has fallen about 0.5 percent. The spices turmeric and cumin are traded on the decline. The cotton meal prices fell nearly 1 percent. Mustard and wheat yields in the domestic market is expected to record. State's new wheat arrivals Some recessions have begun went. The arrivals of mustard in Rajasthan next month begins.

volatility in crude oil prices since the beginning of the business continues. OPEC cut production due to crude found support where the estimate of the increase in the US began to pressure from the upper level being. The bullish trend in copper is a shortage of supply. Copper on the London Metal Exchange price is beyond $ 6000, which has also supported other metals.

MCX gold fell by 0.4 per cent is trading at Rs 29,250. Silver is trading at Rs 42 720 0.5 per cent. However, with a gain of 0.4 percent on MCX crude oil is trading at Rs 3620. However, weak natural gas by about 3 per cent is trading at Rs 185.6.

Base metals are traded mixed. MCX Copper rose 0.25 percent to trade at Rs 401.1, while the flat aluminum is trading at Rs 125.6. Nickel 0.4 per cent is trading at Rs 737.1 with osteoporosis. Lead with a marginal gain of 0.1 per cent is trading at Rs 151.3. Zinc fell by 0.7 per cent is trading at Rs 186.75.


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